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The 3 Personal Development Programs I Run

YB12 coaching, UK

Personal 1 on 1 Coaching - YB12 Classic Program

What Is the aim of this program?

To give you the tools to navigate through life, which unfortunately aren't given to us in school. These will help you meet the challenges of life, and empower YOU to Win.

In the planning session, we cover Goal Setting. Then there are 12 modules delivered over 12 months.

The modules cover: 

Session 1:   Understanding the importance of Commitment in life

Session 2:   Using a 'Red Flag' to warn yourself of the problems ahead

Session 3:   How to meet, greet and beat Procrastination

Session 4:   The art of Achieving a Balanced Life

Session 5:   Accepting The Reality you can control

Session 6:   The pitfalls of Conformity

Session 7:   The true power of your Thoughts and Words

Session 8:   Handling everyday Stress easily

Session 9:   How to Think and Live Creatively

Session 10: The essentials for Mind Mastery

Session 11: The essentials for Emotional Management

Session 12: Celebrating Your successful journey!

Like I said at the beginning, If you could have the Best Year of Your Life, what would you want to achieve?

The Outcomes of YB12 Classic program

Workshops & Seminars - YB12 Total Focus Workshop

This is for the people who want an immediate impact, so this program is short, sharp and powerful. It consists of two sessions half-day workshops usually one week apart, followed by our 90-day challenge to Change.  

The modules that are covered: 

1. Your Self-Analysis to determine the right goals for you

2. A 20 step Action Planning guide to help you lay down your blueprint

3. The mechanics to being able to attain Mind Master

4. How to take charge of your Emotional Management

5. The you take on a 90-day Challenge to Change

Total Focus is a journey to help you achieve more in 90 days then what most do in a year.

You see where most dream about how they want want their life to be, anyone who embarks of this Total Focus journey will have the unfair advantage on their 'Unfocused peers'.

This will free up your potential by pushing you out of your comfort zone, so you can be, do and have the life you want instead of just dreaming about it.

          The Outcomes of YB12 Total Focus 

Business Coaching - YB12 Results Program 

(for businesses with 6 or more employee's)

This is about getting crystal clear on your business vision and the strategies, Empowering your teams with life skills to become more focused and productive and then seeing the results you want. We empower your people to win. Not just within your business but also in their lives.

This is a program that simply integrates your teams internal resourcefulness to ensure when they are at work they are fully focused and deliberate in their approach to getting real and measurable results for your business.

What Would Business Be Like If: 

Your team was laser focused on the overarching theme of your company. 

Your team was Empowered with a mindset capable of meeting the challenges of change.

Your team was had a personalized strategic plan so everyday they could be the most productive, and at the most appropriate time.

The sole purpose of the YB12 Results program is to create a focused, balanced, emotionally stable and high performance workforce.

What would a workforce full of Empowered individuals do to the direction and success of your company?

Are you an organisation wanting to go from Good to Great? 


The Outcomes of YB12 Results