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The talk was very much in keeping with our ethos of students striving to be the best they can be in all that they do. 
It complimented our  mission statement of “I have come that they may have life and have it to the full”- Jn 10:10,  
Shiraz stressed that students have the power to make positive changes in their lives and that they can have the life they choose to have, complimenting the teaching of Oscar Romero who said,
 "aspire not to have more but to be more". 
The talk was about taking ownership of dreams and making that their reality. The talk was well received and students have been saying positive things about what was said.

Mrs G Hurley - Y13 Head at McAuley Catholic High School

Very inspiring, captivating and energising. Great motivational speaker and creates a an atmosphere that you now want to go out and achieve your true potential.

Jan Bisatt HSBC Area Manager - Small Businesses

South & West Yorkshire North Region

Shiraz visited our Level 3 Enterprise students at Sheffield College. He offered some fantastic advice on pitching business ideas, but more importantly how to sell yourself and build confidence and belief. His delivery style was engaging, friendly and inspiring to the students. The students were able to use the skills and advice provided by Shiraz to improve the standard of their presentations and assignments. Shiraz was a big hit and I look forward to working with him again soon.

Steven Lee - Sheffield College Lecturer


I was offered your free coaching session through the LLB email from Helen and The Hub.

I contacted you and you were professional and expeditious with your return contact.

A mutually agreed time was agreed and our 121 took place as planned, over the telephone. 

You made me feel as ease immediately with your introduction and opening questions to get to know me.  
You asked me probing questions and made me think hard and long on occasions.  You were down to earth and helped me understand my own self belief mechanisms, the 'language' to use help me ask myself the right questions and find my own answers, honestly!  You offered excellent examples to illustrate the points you made.
We covered areas of personal and business life.  

We talked for a full two hours which flew by........
I would recommend anyone to talk with Shiraz to help with any area of life.
Thank you Shiraz 

Kind regards
Jayne Purnell, bodyinsync , Remedial Massage & Beauty Therapist Specialising in Anti Ageing Health & WellBeing
I recently got to hear Shiraz give part of his keynote motivational talk on overcoming Procrastination, at the SheffEx event in October 2016. 
The content is so relevant to how many people live their lives and hence the message is a message that needs to be heard. 
Shiraz is very motivational and inspirational with both his content but also the delivery style is so eloquent and lighthearted. 
He has a great way of making sure the content is simple to understand, mixing it with a great blend of quotes and stories to really help bring the topic to life, and also at provoking peoples thoughts along the way. 
He clearly states he is on a mission to help people reshape their futures and the first starting point is a change of mindset, which is exactly what you will get when you attend his talks. 
So if you get a chance to ever go along to one of his talks or even work with him I do highly recommend you do so.

Andrew McCormick - Founder at Specifi / SheffEx

Hearing Shiraz speak is a real pleasure as he comes across in such a caring and inspirational way you cannot help but be motivated to follow his advice. The principles he suggests to overcome procrastination all make perfect sense and once they are explained it is hard to resist to take any personal action yourself. 
As a fellow motivational speaker I found his presentation memorable and I have changed my ways on how I look at things going forward. 
I would recommend anybody to go and listen to Shiraz so that they can seize the opportunity to change their life for the better.
Steve Judge - TEDx Inspirational & Motivational Speaker, BNI Member, Personal Life Coach, Trainer and Two times World Champion
If you find yourself procrastinating about the things that matter- Shiraz is the man to shake you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to change your life. He's a terrific speaker and consummate professional.
Faye Smith - Award Winning PR & Marketing Guru Helping SMEs & Charities Attract & Retain Clients Through Personal Branding
Shiraz has the gift of inspiring people to achieve more than they believe they can and I have no doubt, would affect the profitability of your business if you utilised the power of his enthusiasm. I consider Shiraz a personal friend but more than that, someone I can turn to if I need a little direction/motivation to pick me up again. If you have the opportunity to work with Shiraz, I would strongly suggest you do.
Daniel Subritzky - Account Executive at McClarrons Ltd 
Pleased to have attended Shiraz Mirza empowerment session today. Cool dude who can unlock the power within you.

Ibrahim Ullah

Brilliant training session yesterday morning with the fantastic Shiraz Mirza. Learning how to overcome procrastination. Loved it Shiraz. Great presentation delivered very professionally. Thank you so much. Was given a bottle of Shiraz wine too for being the first to book onto the training. 

Ann Orwin - Arbonne Consultant

I've heard Shiraz speak on a few occasions and had the opportunity to speak to him on a one to one basis too. He's always very positive and makes you think about how you do things and your approach to life and business. He does this without shouting but rather provokes you to challenge yourself. Well worth booking for a group.

Matt Spivey - *Supplying Cars That Make the Neighbours Jealous and Vans That Don't!*

I booked Shiraz as a Guest Speaker at a Sales Training Workshop I was running on Sales Mindset. 
Shiraz's expertise in the topic of over-coming procrastination in order to achieve more is second to none. 
He also has a relaxed and engaging delivery style and is an all round nice guy. 
Highly, highly recommended Key Note Speaker to get more out of your team!

Tony Pearson - Ugly Northern Sales Guru. 

" I've known Shiraz a number of years having previously worked in the same organisation. We recently got back in touch when we attended a networking group and have both taken different paths. 

Shiraz instills confidence in you as an individual with his passion for personal development. He sees your goal and will guide you to a better understanding of what we are trying to achieve in life. Shiraz is a very accomplished public speaker and a great guy to know, best wishes for the future."

John Morely - MD at i-sourcer social media

"Shiraz hosted one of seminar I attended at Sheffex this year. After listening for a while I got a chance to participate in the seminar as well. I felt his messages of anti procrastination and self belief are well communicated and well reasoned. 

I would thoroughly recommend sitting in on his next seminar and let him help you achieve your personal goals."

Tom Lindop - Business Account Manager at The Source Skills Academy

"I've heard Shiraz speak on a few occasions now and also chatted with him face to face. 

He's a very positive, inspirational and motivational person and makes you take a look at things differently both at work and at play too. 

I'd recommend you come and listen what Shiraz has to say and challenge you not to take something away from it!"

Rich Davies - Social Media Management / Account Manager

"It really got me thinking was when he said about the vocabulary we use so when we say,

‘I want to lose weight’ this is a negative statement and made me think that we can deal with issues in a better way just by changing the wording to sound more positive"

“Although the information was generic for a large group the message was so powerful I felt as though Shiraz was speaking to me individually.  I enjoyed the talk and  I can definitely put some of them into practice"

"The motivational talk was inspiring.  It really made you think about what he was saying"

"The team had a very positive attitude and each one of them feel that they now know some of the areas where they do need to concentrate on and not to think that they are a failure and everyone can be successful"

HSBC Business Management Team - 

Small Businesses South & West Yorkshire North Region

"I asked Shiraz to help me resolve an issue that was playing on my mind. He is a very clever guy who not only truly listens but is equipped with the knowledge and skill to help you re-programme your own thoughts instantly and with positive effect."

Sandra Nundy - Investment & Savings Consultant