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How To Make 2017 Your Defining Year

Posted on 13 January, 2017 at 10:10

It's that time of year where people either set new years resolutions for the following year, or they are that fed up with not achieving the things they set out to year after year so they don't even bother making any because they probably think,


What's the point?!

Which one are you my friend?


As we come to the close of 2016 there may be things you didn't achieve, and there are some I didn't either so you are not alone.


BUT you have a choice to focus on what you didn't do verses what you did achieve.


The human mind's default setting is to highlight what went wrong...what you didn't do that you wanted to...what goals you missed etc etc that we forget to appreciate how far we have come...what small wins we have had along the way...what we have managed to accomplish in the year no matter how small or large.


For years, it was funny to see how many of my resolutions were being "recycled"-- every year I was writing the same things-- but obviously not accomplishing ANY!) Like lose some weight, grow my business, spend more time with the family, etc.


This year, a lot of these "recycled" resolutions have FINALLY been accomplished so I'm looking at writing "resolutions" that are brand new--to move me forward and help me grow.


So if you are where I was a few years ago-- in the "recycling" resolutions mode-- here are some tips on how I was able to finally break that cycle;


Make Your New Year Resolutions Clear: Losing weight is too broad. Be specific! How much weight do you want to lose? What size do you want to be? What are you willing to do to accomplish this goal? What BMI do you want? What pulse rate will let you know you are getting fitter?

By the way let me go on a quick rant on this said topic...


When have you ever been taught that losing is good? That if you had the choice of winning or losing your parents, teachers, friends, society told you that losing was what you should aspire to do??


That's right the answer is NEVER. So the language we use can and quite often does sabotage our success. Consciously we are saying one thing 'lose weight' but unconsciously we know losing is not good so there is a disconnect.


Focus on what you do want and then peel back another layer to the answer you come up with by then saying,


And why do you want that goal?

what does it give you?

When you have the answer rinse and repeat with the same questions until you ultimately come to the answer of how that goal will make you feel.


So when clients says I want to lose weight I will ask why do you want that goal.


Answers are generally,


So I can fit into that dress... so I can be a size I can be happy with what looks back at me in the mirror.

I then ask what other benefits would you get from achieving that, and interject things like what happens to your health and energy? Then what can you do with that new found health and energy? With this new energy level what effect will it have on you being able to play with your kids when you come back from work, your productivity levels at work or even your 'playfulness' with your partner in the bedroom department.


When a goal you are trying to achieve involves other people in your life you are more committed to not letting them down, but when your goal only revolves around you then you are a heck of a lot more likely to not stick with it because life may get in the way and you place other people's happiness higher than yours so think it's OK to 'park' your dreams and goals. Then get to the end of the year and wonder why you have not done the things you actually wanted to for yourself.


Identify How You Want to Feel: Many of us are clear on what we want-- but when we get it, we realize is NOT really what we wanted! Getting CLEAR on how we want to FEEL is a lot more productive-- as it opens up a wider space of creativity on how we will accomplish our goal.

Be Gentle: Don't try to CHANGE everything in the next 12 months. Ask yourself, what part of my life needs a bit of a makeover? What MVP (minimum viable project)-- would create a shift that would make a big difference? I am 41 and if I am to live to the age of 80 I still have 39 years left, so lets put things in perspective and understand I, like you, have a ton of time to achieve what ever I want ;-)

Let me offer you something that can help you. Write down what you will be celebrating December 2017. (Write it as if it was that day and you are celebrating in the present tense.)


Set it on your desk or a place where you will see it often. Make this what you strive to accomplish in the new year and watch your goals manifest!


As the holidays come to a close, it's time to start looking forward into 2017.


Now is the time to make a decision.


"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped".

-Tony Robbins

Are you going to take 2017 and make it your best year ever?


Or are you going to keep doing the same thing you've been doing over and over again... getting the same results?


The answer to that question is within. You HAVE the power to control your destiny. You just have to unleash your inner power.


The only hero or heroine is YOU.


It's time to start playing that roll and it's time to make 2017 your best year ever!


“Do the thing and you will have the power.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Remember, you have greatness within!


P.S. Don't forget to join me over at my FB page where I'll be sharing the secrets to getting the freedom you deserve. Let's make sure 2017 the BEST year you have ever had!


Happy New Year!




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