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8 Simple Steps To Making 2017 Your Best Year Ever

Posted on 8 December, 2016 at 6:00




What are you going to do to make 2017 better than 2016?


Remember Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting a different result.


It’s time my friend to stop living the same year 75 times and calling it a life.


Let me share 8 simple and highly effective principles that the highly successful people use every year.


Here are the 8 steps:






Set up a great year ahead by first reviewing the current one.


“I set myself up for success in the New Year by pausing and reflecting”

- John Maxwell

An evaluated reflection turns experience into insight. So evaluate what you did so that you gain insight for what you should be doing in the New Year.


Collect accomplishments and magic moments in a journal—almost like saving up receipts for tax purposes.


At the end of the year go and review them all.


Look at the area of your businesses, your relationships, finance, health, family, socially, physically, mentally, spiritually.


By reflecting on these magic moments, you will be able to pull some principles and then determine what do you really want to make happen in the following year.






“The most important thing you can do at the beginning of a new year is leave the old year where it fell”.

- Jon Acuff

It’s good to learn from the year you just lived, but if you stare at it too long, regret over the opportunities you missed or mistakes you made will blossom.


Regret and negativity can kill our drive. Reviewing the magic moments, tells us that staying positive in this review process can help us move forward without losing momentum.


Do this by reviewing all your ‘wins’ for the prior year.


Too often we don’t recognize all the progress we’ve made and all the great stuff we’ve accomplished. Focusing on the wins, puts you in the positive state of mind to look forward and plan the next year.






In my journal I write down every good thing I can remember from the past year.


In that state of total gratitude I ask, ‘What do I most want to be thankful for one year from now?’ I write the answer down, and it becomes a focus for the new year.”


Research tells us that gratitude has a measurable effect on achieving our goals so it would seem that counting our blessings is a good way to start a great year. Then get into a habit of starting your day of with a couple of minutes of attitude of gratitude.


I set myself up for a great day by saying fifty things I’m grateful for, I find that taking time to count my blessings keeps my mind focused on helping others and achieving even more than last year.






Set yourself up for a great year by ruthlessly eliminating the bottom 30 percent of activities, projects, and commitments from the previous year.


By removing those from your calendar, you get space to focus on the activities with the biggest payoff.


By killing the under performing tasks and projects, It opens up all kinds of room for you to be more creative and innovative.






It’s about identifying what we achieved and what we enjoyed and then laying out of what we’re going to achieve and enjoy in the next year. Notice the importance of enjoyment here.


You have to intentionally stop and dream again.


What can you work on next year that makes you smile?


Then your mind automatically moves from the strategic to the tactical.


In detail—how can you organize your work and your life to do the things that cause that same smile?”






Start with a few big goals for the year, usually no more than three.


Then write them down and displays them in your home/office.


Break them down into four quarterly goals—which are good-sized wins on their own!—and then break those up into monthly goals.


This will enable you to stay focused on the long-term goals, while at the same time enjoying being ‘in the moment’ of achieving your short-term, monthly goals.


Once your goals are set, you resolve by cutting off all other options except what you wrote down for the next ninety days.


"Your day becomes your week, therefore it is your month and your year".

- Shiraz Mirza

Best years come from best efforts performed daily.






What gets scheduled gets done, I often say. Beyond that, scheduling also protects your time.


Here’s the reality: Everyone has an agenda. If you don’t declare yours by calendaring what’s what important to you, others will try to fit you into their agenda.


Answer the question,


‘What is the one thing I can do, such that by doing it, everything else will become easier or unnecessary?’


I’ve found the answer to this question brings tremendous clarity. It simplifies my ‘next steps.






There are some important side benefits in setting aside time as well. Unplugging makes room for others in ways that we can’t always plan.


So if you can do this daily through meditation, going for a walk, going on holiday find a way to make this a priority where you can switch off and recharge the batteries fully.




Here’s to your amazing 2017 my friend.


You are 100% in charge of making it happen, regardless of what ever circumstances you may face along the way.




Because life is not what happens to you, it is how you react to life that actually puts you in the driving seat.


So own it and stay empowered


Shiraz at Sm3 Empowerment

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