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Instant confidence

Posted on 2 December, 2016 at 6:05

If you want to increase your confidence quickly and naturally without coming across like an arrogant jerk... then read this carefully...

I use this and it's my favourite technique to use with clients for building long-term self confidence.


Here goes...


Add to Your "Confidence Bank"


What is your "Confidence Bank" you ask?

It's a list of your accomplishments that you are proud of.

Here's the key: Celebrate all your victories. Even the SMALL ones.

- Finished reading a book? ...add that accomplishment to your confidence bank

- Got out of bed without hitting snooze? ...put that in your confidence bank

- Exercised today? ...put that in your confidence bank

Building this list shifts your focus on your accomplishments, boosts your confidence, and keeps you from spiralling into negativity, doubt, and fear.

Just remember this final thought...

While ever your mind is thinking of something good, it can't think of anything bad at the same time. And the same is true the other way round, so keep remembering it is YOU that is in charge of your thoughts so chose to focus on the good ;-)

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