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Shiraz Mirza BSc (Hons) 

International Motivational Speaker, Personal development Coach, 

Life Coach / Business Coach / Personal Trainer & Author

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Dear Friend,

Why do some people invest in themselves with a life or business coach, or even a personal trainer?

Because if the truth be known , when it comes to our goals, everyone knows what to do, how to do it, they can do and have the power to do it , there is no question of that...but we still procrastinate don't we?

For example If you look after your health and your body it will look after you for the rest of your life.

Unlike our cars that we replace many times through our life and spend a ton of money on we only have this 1 body and 1 mind, would you agree?

So if your were to make at the very least a 1% increase every month in your health and body would that be of benefit to you?

Would more energy and even confidence help you in life and your work?

Imagine What you would be able to do with the increased energy and confidence in achieving the things that really matter to you .

So I guess my last question has to be,

'Why haven't you achieved the things you want in life and work?

Ok I lied, my final question has to be,

'Why haven't you contacted me already?

Living in South Yorkshire I am a Personal Development Coach who works with both individuals, with groups and with Businesses running staff productivity programs.

I deliver a no coast keynote presentation on how to have the best year of your life, it's actually an ode to overcoming procrastination, setting clear and meaningful goals and empowering people with the will to win. More importantly it arms people with the ability to meet the challenges of life and in business. 

Yours faithfully 


International Motivational Speaker,
Personal Leadership/Development Coach
& Author

A Simple man...with a great name (I'm sure you will agree) on a mission to helping people live life on their terms.